Different Types of Rubber Sheets Are Different in The Selection of Reclaimed Rubber Materials

There are many varieties of rubber sheets, conductive rubber sheets, insulating rubber sheets, flame retardant rubber sheets, etc., all belong to rubber sheets with special properties, such as conductive rubber sheets requiring small insulation resistance, insulating rubber sheets requiring high resistivity, flame retardant rubber sheets with inflammability, etc.  The reasonable use of reclaimed rubber in the production of these special plastic boards can not only improve the technological performance of rubber materials, but also effectively reduce the cost of raw materials under the premise of ensuring the quality of products.

1. Conductive rubber plate

The electrical resistance of conductive rubber plate is very small, and the general use of nitrile butadiene rubber or neoprene rubber with large polarity, with high structure of acetylene carbon black, conductive furnace black, etc..  In the production of conductive rubber sheet with nitrile rubber as the main raw material, tire tread reclaimed rubber or nitrile recycled rubber can be added to reduce the raw material cost of conductive rubber sheet effectively.  Proper use of metal powder can further improve the electrical conductivity of conductive rubber plate.  Plasticizer proposal uses phosphate ester kind better.

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2. Insulation rubber plate  
Non-polar rubber has high resistivity, good electrical insulation performance, such as ethylene propylene rubber and butyl rubber, natural rubber can also be used as low voltage electrical insulation rubber.  In the actual production, EPDM reclaimed rubber and butyl reclaimed rubber HYL10Y9Y2Y can be used with the corresponding varieties of rubber to prepare low-cost insulating rubber plate, which can reduce the cost and improve the process performance of rubber material;  Natural rubber production of low-voltage insulating rubber board can also be appropriate use of reclaimed tire rubber.

When using reclaimed rubber to produce insulating rubber board, it is recommended to choose the reinforcing filling system composed of carbon black with low structure and clay, talc, calcium carbonate, etc.  For softener, choose paraffin or use paraffin with solid gumaron, or use petroleum jelly or naphthenic oil;  Amines and p-phenylenediamine antiaging agents are recommended for the antiaging system, such as adding an appropriate amount of antiaging agent H can further improve the electrical insulation of the insulating rubber board.

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3. Flame retardant rubber plate 
Rubber containing halogen, benzene ring or conjugated double bond generally has better flammability, such as neoprene rubber, fluorine rubber, silicone rubber, etc.;  Styrene butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber and natural rubber are flammable rubber.  Adding flame retardants such as chlorinated paraffin, antimony trioxide and aluminum hydroxide into inflammable rubber can significantly improve the flame retardancy of the rubber.  Reclaimed rubber products in the tire recycled rubber, EPDM reclaimed rubber and other products can be mixed in the flame retardant rubber formula, effectively reduce the cost of raw materials.

4. Wear resistant rubber plate  
Wear-resisting rubber with high wear resistance, good elasticity, low noise characteristics, requirements used rubber abrasion resistance, impact resistance, tear resistance, high strength, good elasticity, general with natural rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber as the main raw material and appropriate use of latex reclaimed rubber, tire reclaimed rubber, butyronitrile reclaimed rubber can be used in product performance under the premise of effectively reduce raw material costs.

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Post time: Mar-04-2022